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If no selections are made the whole collection will be selected in the order that the compositions were added to the database.
Most compositions appear in several sources, only the first found by me is referenced but the RW year will take precedence. Some compositions have never been published and these do not have a year of publication listed.
This database currently contains compositions of Spliced from the following sources:

Last updated - 19 September 2020.

2020 - Comps by Albert J Pitman
2019 (Nov) - Comps by Richard Pullin. Starting to catch up on a big backlog!
2013 - Bellboard - Compositions of Spliced.
2013 - Ringing World 1911-1935; 1941.
2013 - Alan Reading - Compositions of Spliced. Ringing World - Spliced TD Major, Spliced Royal.
2010 - Surprise Minor from RW 2005.
2009 - Various from Philip Earis' articles on the Ringing Theory list. Ringing World - Spliced Triples and Plain Major.
2009 - Roy LeMarechal - Cyclic Surprise Royal rung at Bishopstoke. Various sources - Caters/Royal and Cinques/Maximus.
2009 - Ringing World 1996 - 2009 (to end Sept). A R Kench (Cyclic peals of maximus rung by the Ancient Society of College Youths.).
2009 - B&D (Beverley and District Ringing Society). YACR (Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers).
2009 - Popular Major Collections of 1966, 1980 and 2001. Spliced Surprise (including compositions published in the Ringing World 1942-1995).

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